Xmas 20006 - Weihnachten 2006 - 25th of December, dinner with our friends Lena, Karina, Alex and Sorin at our home (45 Bilder)

Our Christmas Christmas in Germany is a busy period for almost every family. It is more of a tradition celebration than just a religious big day. Christmas in Germany is a very family thing, family members (mostly immediate family) travel back to hometown to join the Christmas eve reunion dinner. It is like our Chinese New Year or Hari Raya celebrations in Malaysia; however Germans normally don't do visiting (other than within family) during this festive season. For example in Malaysia family members gather on Chinese New Year eve for the reunion dinner, and on the first or following days of the Chinese New Year we open our house for visitors. Friends and other close or distance family are expected to come-by without invitation or pre announced. Last year Christmas and most of the Christmas since I arrive to Germany has been quite the same. It has been our family tradition to have Christmas eve dinner at Joe's parents' home in Bochum. What is our family tradition food??? I told my brother every year since I am here, still he asks me every year when I call home for Christmas. "So, you guys are having turkey?" I say, "no,,,,Joe's family eats Bratwurst specially ordered from south Germany." I think we had too much American movies, as a result turkey must be related to Christmas dinner. Since we (Joe and I) are not the typical German family, we do it a bit different. We celebrate Christmas with our friends as well. Either on the first or second day of Christmas we would meet up with our Russian friends (a family), to have dinner together and do a gift exchange. I got to know Alex and Jelena end of 1999 in the Inlingua language school, we are friends and have been celebrating Christmas together since then. Beside the Posvolski family Joe's best friend, Sorin, would join us as well, if he is not flying back to Romania. It is definitely nice to be able to involve friends into our Christmas programmes, like what we the Chinese say (warm and noisy) :. Joe is the chef for our Christmas dinner. He does a beef dish with his special iron pot and prepares the dessert, Chocolate Moosse. Both are lecker! Of course, wine and cheese are not to be left out!

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