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Step-by-step: Curry and Chilli Cookbook
Recipes from Southeast Asia countries.For example, Chicken Biryani, Curry Puffs, Fish Wrapped in Banana Leaves and Beef Rendang.I have tried many recipes from this book, step by step, it’s easy to follow. Those spices required can be found in Asian Shops.Cooking instructions are short and simple, every recipe illustrated by photographs.

Anthony Bourdain: A Cook's Tour

This guy is amazing... if you like exotic food, exotic places, and a exotic cook as well - here is the right thing for you...! Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Portugal, Russia - he has been there, and he has been where normally you wouldn't go as a tourist, and he has eaten things you normally would not expect tourists to eat... follow and enjoy!

Williams-Sonama Savoring Southeast Asia (Savoring…) By Joyce Jue
This is my favourite cookbook, a journey through Southeast Asia with this book. One could find many special local cuisines in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam inside this book. These recipes are not the secret home recipes of Joyce Jue's family. She has collected these recipes from restaurant and hotel chefs during her Southeast Asia trips. And probably she has also chatted with hawkers and jotted down their secret ways of making the best taste sate or beef noodles. Growing up in Malaysia, I am used to hawkers' food; anytime, anywhere I could find what I like to eat and my lunch or dinner is settled. Living in Germany, we are lack of these privileges. Whatever I am craving for, I have to learn how to cook it. Yes, I found them in this cookbook.

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