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Enzo: Oui


LABEL: Ariola (BMG Ariola)
A French singer.I don’t understand French,so I can’t comment much on the lyrics.I would say,very nice music- very French.It’s appropriate for your candlelight dinner at home.


Daniela Mercury: Feijao com arroz

Daniela Mercury
A taste of Brazilian mood,songs are in Portuguese.It will warm up your blood and make you want to dance.


Soundtrack: French Kiss (Paris Match)

French Kiss (Soundtrack) LABEL: MERCURY
Original music and songs from the movie French Kiss played by Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline.It’s a mixture of Jazz and sentimental. Sung by....
„Someone Like You" - Van Morrison, „Les Yeux Ouverts"-Beautiful South, „I love Paris"- Ella Fitzgerald etc.For France and Paris lovers,this CD is worth listening to. It brought my memory back to our holidays in Paris,as though we were walking through the park hand in hand again.When Ella Fitzgerald sang „I Love Paris", I have to agree with her that I love Paris in all seasons.

My best friend's wedding - Soundtrack

CoverMotion picture music.
Many nice pieces found in this soundtrack.Altogether 13 songs.„Say A Little Prayer"- Diana King, „I’ll Be OK" - Amanda Marshall „I’ll Never Fall In Love Again" - Mary Chapin Carpenter etc.Easy listening



Dying Young

CoverMost songs produced by James Newton Howard and beautifully performed by Kenny G. Great music, a combination of Jazz and sentimental.




A Boy Named Charlie Brown

Cover By Vince Guaraldi Trio.
Peanuts and Jazz lover,don’t miss this out.Original sound track recording of the CBS television special.Just close your eyes and listen to the music for about 45 mins in the evening after a hard day work.Or play it while having your hot bath with your aroma therapy to relax your mind and soul.We got this as a gift from our friends and we love it


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