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Lonely Planet Travel Guide: Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The Adventure starts here.

Lonely Planet GuideWe used this last time we've been in Malaysia to get around on our own in Penang, and it proved to be more than helpful... Everything we were looking for was there, and it worked... you need to know which bus is going to take you to Kek Lok Si Temple or to Penang Hill and where this bus is leaving at what time - no problem lah... You need a low budget but clean and reliable hotel - you will find it... as we did.
You can't decide what to do tomorrow - open this book...
Lonely Planet Travel guides are written by experienced traveller that have really been to all those places. The books are kept up to date by the help of the traveller's community - you and us... you go there and find out that they changed the bus line to Penang Hill - just send them a Email - in the next edition you will find your piece of information in it...

Travelers' Tales France (Revised and Updated

CoverNot an ordinary travel guide that tells you where to find the cheapest hotels. I would say reading this book is like reading the diaries of many different travellers. As I read it, I found myself exploring the country and meeting the locals and gaining the experiences like they did. I wandered with them from Paris to Brittany and down south to Aix-en-Provence and laughed with them at funny situations The French are very unique people, this book brings you down to get to know their deeper souls; at the same time it helps you to understand their eating culture and interests better, if not 100%. A good book for first time visitor to France and definitely interesting for those who like to read about countries and peoples. Collected and Edited by : James O’Reilly, Larry Habegger, Sean O’Reilly

Kuala Lumpur: A Sketch Book

CoverA watercolor sketchbook showing KLs architecture and the everyday life on streets and markets.
If you want to know the historical places in Kuala Lumpur and at the same time enjoy great pieces of artworks, this is the book. Each page show a different landmark that makes KL as unique as it can be. The Sultan Abdul Samad Building, Masjid Jamek, China Town, Railway Station and much more are nicely illustrated in watercolors. Each illustration is accompanied by brief descriptions in handwriting, a truly unique presentation by the artist and makes this book one of the kind. For artists and enthusiasts alike, this is a definite collection, be it a source of knowledge or a source of inspiration.

Lee Su Kim: Malaysian Flavours. Insights Into Things Malaysian
A book about the way Malaysians live, eat, drive, how we speak our Malaysian English and some cross-cultural encounters with foreigners and between different ethnic groups in Malaysia. This book will make us laugh at ourselves and proud of ourselves for being a Malaysian. It will also help foreigners to get to know our culture and understand the way we express ourselves, the Malaysian way. It should reduce the culture shocks that might occur. If you have a Malaysian spouse or have business contacts with Malaysians, this is a must-read book. It’s very entertaining!
ISBN: 9679785173
Published by: PELANDUK PUBLICATIONS (Unfortunately this book can’t be purchase at, it can be found in bookshops in Malaysia)
E-mail me if you are interested in getting a copy of this book.

From Kirkus Reviews
Freelance translator Cassandra Reilly (Gaudi Afternoon, 1990)- -with two weeks to kill before boarding the Trans-Mongolian Express in Budapest and heading for China--becomes embroiled in Magyar- Rumanian feuding, post-Ceauescu tattletaling, and murder, all revolving around the decrepit Arcata Spa Hotel in scenic Transylvania. When an eccentric American grandmother is accused of killing the spa's randy, nonagenarian founder in one of the galvanic baths, Cassandra's suspect roster includes: a bossy waitress, the doctor-in-charge, a teary assistant, and Frau Sophie, a spa regular with plans to revitalize the area. Also on hand: the Snapp family, eager to make contact with their adopted daughter's birthmother; a helpful tour guide, Nadia, who spends most of the book making car repairs; and several engaging lesbians (Cassandra and her traveling chum Jacqueline included). Ceauescu's atrocities notwithstanding: a very funny second outing--with an uproarious mud-bath sequence and amusing gender- bending pronoun slip-ups. Plus: travel-writing so compelling that you'll be reaching for your passport. Wilson is smart, tart, and knows how to write from a feminist perspective without once stooping to polemics. -- Copyright ©1993, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. -- Dieser Text bezieht sich auf eine vergriffene oder nicht verfügbare Ausgabe dieses Titels.

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