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Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has come to an end, I realise that we have not been able to keep in touch with you as often as we would like to. Here we would like to keep you updated with what's going on in our life this year. Daily routine, another busy year…. :!

I'm back to work again since March this year, employed by a Swiss company called Swissport Ground Handling. Those of you who are still in airlines business should have heard of it. Swissport used to be a sister company of Swissair. Swissport's functions are quite the same as SATS; airlines are our customers and our company handles check-in, departures, arrivals and baggage services for different airlines. So, what do I do? I'm assigned to the security team and we are in charge of certain security matters for Delta Air Lines. American carriers have a different security procedures compared to other airlines. Yes,,,I am back to sort of shift hours. The good or bad point is I work only in the early morning. My duty starts at 6am and ends at about 10.30am. I am free the whole day after work, but I have to go to bed early because I must wake up at 4am. Besides that, I do have to work on weekends and public holidays. What does Joe think??? Well, after years of me on holiday and we always drove away spontaneously without early planning, he is not very amuse with - now our life needs a bit of planning ahead! : Never mind, Joe is not too old to learn, although he is from another generation ,,ha, I believe he will learn to get used to the situation!

We have not been back home (Malaysia) together for holiday this year. Ever since we got married, Malaysia seems to be our only holiday destination for some years. Now we are trying to fly back home once in two years, so that we could go somewhere else for holiday. This year we have been to Zakynthos for a 7-day-trip in August. Zakynthos is a small Greek island on the west, which is not far away from the mainland and could be reached by ferry from Athens. We had a wonder, relaxing and doing-nothing holiday. All we did was lazing on the beach, had good food and good wine!

In the beginning of October I flew back to Malaysia alone for 2 weeks to renew my passport. Well, I could have get it done here in Berlin or fly over to London. It was quite a last minute decision as I found out at work that I could travel as staff on Swiss Airlines to Singapore. So, I went back to Malaysia via Singapore, got my passport renewed, spent some quality time with my family and had loads of good food of course. I would like to apologise to all of you for not being able to contact or visit you while I was in KL. I had some problems with the passport application. It took more then a week before I finally got it. I have been running up and down trying to get immigration to speed up the process. Phew, I received my passport a day before my departure back to Germany!

When will be our next trip back to Malaysia? We are planning to come home for durian season. If everything goes well as planed, we would like to fly back some time in June. The next trip we will be taking two friends (a couple) with us. We hope to be able to take 3 weeks holiday and spend at least 1 week in Singapore. So, hope to see you soon!

Love, ShawFen & Joe

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