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Malaysia is a country with multiracial, multicultural and multilingual. So are Malaysian foods, just as colourful as the Malaysian culture and the people. Many times I was asked how Malaysian foods taste like! I think there is no single word I can use to describe all the varieties we could get back home. There are many ethnic races in Malaysian, and each still holding on strongly to its own heritage and food. Over the years we have learned to enjoy and adapted to the food of another race. East Malaysia has its own unique specialities too. Unfortunately, due to the geographical reason, unless one has been there, otherwise not many people from West Malaysia have a chance to taste these special food. In general , what we find in West Malaysia are Malay, Chinese Indian and Peranakan (a combination of Malay and Chinese cuisine) foods. Chinese and Indian foods are more known in Europe. Again I was asked how Malay foods taste like? Ok, many have been to an Indonesian restaurant, so I would say, something like Indonesian foods. It is normal in a Chinese family, you would find Cantonese soup, Indian Fish-head Curry and Kangkong belacan on the dinner table. At the same time an Indian family might have Chap Choi and Goat Curry for dinner. In this Food column I will be writing recipes based on cooking I have learned from my mother, by looking at friends when they prepared some dishes and my own creations. (Of course Malaysian style) Since I grew up in a Chinese family, my diet is still very Chinese/Cantonese style. So, you might find my recipes more Chinese. Hope you will like them and happy cooking!


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