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Indian Restaurant
Shere Punjab
Elisabethstraße 7
Tel. (0209) 20 67 63
Fax (0209) 1 48 50 21
Opening times daily 17.30 - 24.00
Sunday and public holidays 12.00 - 24.00

This restaurant is famous as the best Indian restaurant in the Ruhr area, many non-Gelsenkircheners came here to have a taste of Indian foods.The dishes are more north Indian specialities.It serves very good lamb curry and Prawn Masala.Besides that, the garlic Naan bread and Samosa taste lecker too.I think Indian foods are quite difficult to be modified, due to the spices they used to cook the dishes.It will lose the real taste if some spices are removed.The spiciness can be compromised, you can request your dishes to be very hot or less spicy.Worth a try.

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