Inter-Racial Marriage



Inter-Racial Marriage


Registering the marriage in Germany and Malaysia

When a Malaysian and a German decide to tie the knot they and register
their marriage in Germany, these are the needs to be done.

Registry of marriage in Germany Marriage announcement Name amendment

Malaysian :- Passport, Birth Certificate, Marital status declaration
(an official letter from Jabatan Perkahwinan and Perceraian )
German :- Particulars are recorded in Standesamt

West Malaysian: To obtain this letter, you need a Surat Akuan (Statutory Declaration).
This letter can be obtained from the Commissioner of Oaths (CO). This letter declares that you have not previously married to anyone. Neither officially nor customary. Besides, you can also get the letter done by agents whom you can easily find outside the magistrate court house in Kuala Lumpur.
The charge of such kind of service is about RM 5. It can later be certified by a
Pesuruhjaya Sumpah (CO) inside the court house with a fee of RM 5 or so.
Now, you are quite ready for the actual registration. Bring along the Surat Akuan to the National Registrar (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) in Petaling Jaya which is the Headquarters. At JPN office, proceed immediately to Bahagian Perkahwinan dan Perceraian to get a letter to declare your status of marriage, be it single or otherwise. Once it is done, you may need to wait for 2 - 3 weeks while your applications are being processed.

East Malaysian: You can get this letter through a legal or solicitor firm, it costs
probably RM200 or more. The legal firm will give you the Surat Akuan. Fill up the
application form and get all the necessary documents to ready to be sent to JPN. You can expect one or two months of processing time at JPN. So, be patient !

For those who work in Singapore, there are things that you need to bear in mind.
Always remember to use your address in Malaysia during the registration procedures. Otherwise, you may be asked to obtain a Testimonial / Surat Akuan from Commissioner of Oaths in Singapore. It may cost you SGD 200.

Original Marital Status letter and Birth certificate are required to be certified by
Ministry of Foreign Affair. This certification is required before you can get them
translated at the Embassy of Germany. Translation fee : About RM80

Please note:
1) All translated documents are valid for only 6 months
2) You may still be holding the old type of birth certificate where at the back of it you can find stamps of vaccination records. There may not be enough space on the certificate for more stamping. Do not worry, you can get a new copy of it from JPN HQ.


1) Bring your passport and translated documents to Standesamt to apply for your marriage.

2) Both husband and wife-to-be are required to present themselves at the meeting with Standesbeamte.

3) All application forms are in German. If one party can’t understand German, a translator is needed. Check with your local Standesamt, some cities or villages do not require professional translators.

4) If one party could not be at the meeting, arrangement can be made with Standesamt.
For example: Necessary documents to be sent to Malaysia and you have to proceed to German Embassy to sign them in front of an officer.

5) Standesamt will then send the application to high court to get approval for this marriage request.

6) The process will take about 4 to 5 weeks. If you don’t hear from Standesamt after 4 weeks, call them.

7) When your file is back from the court, you can choose your wedding date.(Registry date)

8) In Germany churches are not allowed to solemnize marriages; you are not allowed to have a church wedding before your wedding in Standesamt. However, both ceremonies are allowed on the same day..


1) Within 6 months of your official marriage in Germany, you are required to announce the marriage in either Malaysia Embassy or Jabatan Perkahwinan dan Perceraian in Malaysia.

2) Those who reside in the northern and eastern parts of Germany may do so in Berlin. Those who reside in the west and nearby The Netherlands can do so at The Hague. As for those who live in the south, they can proceed with it in Geneva.

3) Get the Certificate of Marriage (Heiratsurkunde) translated to English.

4) Documents required :
Malaysian: Passport, Identity card, Original and translation of Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate 2 passport size photos
: Passport, 2 passport size photos, (birth certificate required in Geneva)

5) For marriage announcement in The Hague, translation of Marriage Certificate (English) has to be certified true copy in the German Consulate in Amsterdam.
In Geneva- Original Marriage certificate has to be certified by Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Germany (Regierungspräsidium). Translation in English is not necessary.

6) Then you will be given two forms to fill up and sign by 2 witnesses. Afterwards you can send to forms back to Malaysia Embassy by post.

7) Address:
- Embassy of Malaysia
Rustenburgweg 2 2517 KE THE HAGUE
Klingehofer Strasse 6 10785 Berlin
Tel: 49-30-8857 490 Fax: 49-30 8857 4955
International Center Cointrin
20, Route de Pre-Bois Block H, 1ST Floor P.O.Box 1834 1215 Geneva
Tel: 4122-710-7500 Fax: 4122-710-7501

Note: Always call to double check before proceed to embassy


Addition of married name into travel document or identity card.
First of all, register your marriage at the Malaysia Embassy.

A) At the Embassy of Malaysia
-Bring along your Marriage Certificate, passport and identity card
-Fill up a form at the embassy
-It is free of charge
-You might have to leave your passport at the embassy for 3 to 4 days. The embassy officer will post the passport back to you once it is completed.

B) At JPN HQ in Malaysia
1) Got to Commissioner of Oaths to get a Surat Akuan that you wish to add your married name into your identity card.

2) Bring the Marriage Certificate which you obtained from Malaysia Embassy, IC, and Surat Akuan to JPN HQ, Bahagian Kad Pengenalan - Pindaran Butiran.

3) Fill up a form: Borang Laporan Untuk Penukaran Nama Dalam Kad Pegenalan.

4) It will take normally about 4 weeks to get your new IC. But if JPN has too many cases, it is possible for them to take 3 months to complete just this small little card.

5) With you new IC, you may proceed to passport department to update the name in your passport or add an alias.

Extra informations:
1)In some parts of Germany , you are required to add your married name into your travel document immediately after your Standesamt wedding. Otherwise, they will not issue you a resident visa.
In addition to this, In Baden Würtemberg, a medical check-up at Gesundheitsamt is required. If you can’t do it right away , seek a lawyer’s advice regarding to your resident visa.

2) However, it is not a problem in Nordrhein Westfalia. One can obtain his or her one-year resident visa right after Standesamt wedding. Medical check-up is not necessary. Addition of married name into passport can be done later.

3) Talking from our own experiences, German Embassies in different countries have different „functions" :What they do and what they don’t.
It’s always wise to call and ask if they would certify your documents.

Inter-Racial Marriage Registry of marriage in Germany Marriage announcement Name amendment


This is the procedure when the civil marriage takes place in Malaysia.


1) Original of marital status declaration letter that has been translated into Bahasa Malaysia or English Language by Germany Embassy. (Cost about RM65 and takes at least 2 working days) This letter must be certified by Ministry of Foreign Affair. (Cost RM10 and can get back the same day)
2) Photocopy of Passport and work permit*. (* If you are German working in Malaysia)

How long do you have to wait before you are allowed to register?
Standard Registration Marriage - 3 weeks Marriage Under License - 1 week


1) Fill in 'JPN.KCO2' form (Registration of Marriage application form), attached 2 copies of recent passport size colour photos of bride to be and bridegroom to be.

2) After filled in the forms, take oath in front of Commissioner of Oath on Page 4 (D.2) of 'JPN.KCO2' form. Both parties have to be present themselves. Original IC and passport are required. (Cost RM4 and get back form immediately)

3) Then bring the JPN.KC02 form together with

- German - original of marital status declaration letter, original & photo copy of passport (and work permit)
- Malaysian - original I/C & JPN.KC01C form* to submit to National Registrar (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara). Both parties are required to present themselves.

*This form is only for those who take Marriage Under Licence JPN.KC01C form : an extra document needed to be submitted Application of Marriage Under Licence (JPN.KC01C form) needs the approval from 'Menteri Besar' or 'Ketua Menteri Negeri'. (Cost RM100 and approval needs 1 day). The National Registrar will advise you to call back the next day to check your application status. Once you get the approval, then you can go ahead to National Registrar to choose the wedding date. The wedding date has to be 1 week after the approval date. (Cost RM20)

4) For standard marriage process time, the National Registration will ask you to come back after 3 weeks to choose the date for registration. In these 3 weeks, National Registrar (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) will put the photos of bride-to-be and bridegroom-to-be on the notice board in National Registrar for public viewing. Within these 3 weeks, if there is not objection from publics then you can choose the wedding date. (Cost RM30)

In order to have your Marriage Certificates recognized in Germany, you are required to get them first certified at German Embassy.
Translation fee for the Marriage Certificate: RM107
Certification of both the Marriage Certificates: RM85

Resident Visa Application

The resident visa application is free of charge for Spouse of German Citizen.
Application form (from the German Embassy) together with the documents below (original + 2 photocopies) required:

1. 2 Passport-size photographs
2. Valid passport
3. Letter of invitation/Formal Obligation (guarantee letter = Verpflichtungserklaerung)
4. Proof of sufficient funds (eg. bank statement for the past 6 months, letter from bank)
5. Proof of lodging (hotel confirmation/invitation letter)
6. Travel, Health & accident insurance - 1 month
7. Marriage Certificate
8. Confirmation of air ticket or booking

Information provided by: Jin Jin Ong


1. Please take the cost and information above as a guide only. It is advisable to make a trip to Jabatan Pendaftaran and double check with them documents required.

2. If you have all the necessary documents translated at the Germany Embassy after the wedding; by chance you're coming to Germany for holiday, you may want to apply for the resident permit at the local Alien office. This is provided you are moving to Germany in the next 6 months to a year. Remember to call the Alien Office before hand to check for documents required. If you ask German Embassy, they will always tell you this arrangement is not possible and you have to apply for your resident permit in home country.

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