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December 22th, 2003
New Look of China Town, Kuala Lumpur

I believe some of you might have visited Kuala Lumpur's China Town. It is a tourist attraction where you can find a whole lot of cheap imitation goods of well known brands.
It is especially vibrant at night, with tourists and visitors, foreign and locals swarming the brightly lit lines of stalls along the narrow street.
If you happen to go at night on a rainy day, you might have some unpleasant experience. Rain water dripping at the edges of the frames that hold the canvas shelter, wetting your dress, pants, messy and dirty. All these will be gone very soon. Chinatown has now a new look. The City Hall of Kuala Lumpur rehabilitated and renovated the area. A 30-foot high canopy as seen in the photo. The canopy stretches all the way from the traffic light junction just opposite the S&M Shopping Arcade to intersection point turning into Ocean Supermarket and Hotel Furama. So, for those of you who intend to visit Malaysia in the near future, you can be sure to be able to enjoy hassle free shopping all night long even if there is a heavy downpour. Another thing that worth a mention is that the street is now much cleaner with interlocking tiles along covering the whole stretch of street. The stalls are much more properly arranged for the convenience of the shoppers.
As for those you are savvy and well versed with where to get what, well, some stores have moved to new location nearby, still within the vicinity. The famous 'lo hon go' drinks has just shifted (not too sure if it's permanently) to the starting point of Petaling Street, opposite S&M Arcade which I have just mentioned. I bet after a long and tiring bargain, you may get slightly exhausted. Not to worry, Coffee Bean Café has opened up a outlet there, next to Hong Leong Bank. If you have difficulties locating it, just go along the row of shop lots housing Popular Bookstore and Kiew Brothers BBQ and voila ! Coffee Bean. Well, time has changed, need to go with the flow.

Reported by Han, Kuala Lumpur

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