Lan Airlines Lan Airlines is Latin America´s foremost airline, recognized for its high safety and service quality standards.
Additionally, Lan Airlines offers the most extensive coverage whithin South America, hence its slogan: “Nobody knows South America like we do”. Likewise, Lan offers several flight alternatives from Spain and Germany to Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador, all countries where it also flies domestic routes. Thus, Lan covers all the capitals and main tourist destinations within Latin America, among others. Lan Airlines also operates daily flights on the Madrid-Frankfurt-Madrid route, with very competitive fares and where has achieved very high participation as a sales channel.
As a means of increasing its participation in the tourism segment, Lan recently launched the possibility of buying its South America Airpass via This product allows passengers to easily and conveniently buy several one-way tickets for travel within South America. is currently the only web site that sells this type of product.

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